Cryptographic primitives realized with few multiplications can significantly improve (or even enable!) applications in areas as diverse as homomorphic encryption, side-channel attack countermeasures, secure multiparty computation, or zero-knowledge proofs.

This one-time workshop aims to provide an overview of results, applications and current research in this area. This covers theory, design and analysis, as well as implementations. Major goals are to bring together researchers from the unusual set of relevant disciplines within cryptography/security and outside (e.g. circuit complexity), and to identify open problems and more applications.


Time Speaker Title
08:00–09:00 Breakfast  
Intro and Session on Side-Channel Topics    
09:30–09:45 Christian Rechberger Introduction
09:45–10:30 Begül Bilgin FewMul-FewDepth-FewLength Triangle
10:30–11:00 Break  
Session on Foundations    
11:00–12:00 Rene Peralta Functions with known multiplicative complexity
12:00–14:00 Lunch  
Session on Applications: MPC and SNARKS    
14:00–14:45 Arnab Roy MiMC and SNARKS
14:45–15:30 Emmanuela Orsini Efficient evaluation of symmetric primitives in MPC
15:30–16:00 Break  
Session on Conrete Constructions    
16:00–16:45 Pavol Zajac Multiplicative complexity in block cipher design and analysis
16:45–17:30 Tyge Tiessen LowMC v3: a security update application


Christian Rechberger

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